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Exotic Butters
Aloe Vera
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy)
Coconut Oil
Vegetable Glycerine
Calendula (Calendulla officianalis)
Essential Oils
Fragrance oils
Goat's Milk
Mango butter
Almond oil
Citric acid
Emulsifying Wax NF
Grapefruit seed extract

Exotic Butters: African hand crushed yellow shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii):

Shea butter comes from the nut of the fruit from the Karite tree found growing in West Africa. This butter is in high demand in the shea butter marketing due to its scarcity. This Butter is much more rare than the common white variety. Its tree grows along the river in Togo where it’s collected and the extraction process is overseen. The butter has many natural skin benefits including natural sun protection. (However, please do not substitute shea butter for any sunscreen, especially in prolonged exposure of the sun.)

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Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera improves hydration and is smoothing and healing to all skin types. It's composed of water, minerals, calcium, aluminum, iron, zinc, magnesium, sodium, 20 amino acids and carbohydrates (it won't affect your diet!) Aloe Vera contains the "youth mineral" potassium. Potassium has known healing properties and is an anti-inflammatory, which helps to smooth the skin and help heal cuts, scrapes, burns, and insect bites. In 1500 BC, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus recommended Aloe for skin care. The Greek, Chinese, Roman, and Arab herbalists recommended aloe for burns and rashes. In the 1930s, a radiologist discovered that Aloe Vera is effective in treating radiation burns, as well.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy):

Throughout the Mediterranean Basin, olive oil has been used for thousands of years as a source of youth, beauty and health. According to the Old Testament, it was an Olive branch that the dove brought back to Noah to let him know that the land was safe once again. A garland of olive (a symbol of honor) was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

This oil is well known for its most moisturizing, organic and antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil contains polyphenols, a class of antioxidant including flavonoids and catechins, you may not be aware of this, but the use of antioxidants helps slow the aging process.

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Coconut Oil:

We use coconut oil to produce extra lather in the soaps and also for its wonderful emollient properties.

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Vegetable Glycerin:

Glycerin is derived from plants and is a soothing humectant, which draws moisture from the air to the skin. Glycerin is an emollient, which makes the skin feel softer and smoother, reduce rough feeling, cracking and irritation.

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Calendula (Calendulla officianalis):

Calendula has antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, healing, and smoothing properties for all skin types. German health authorities recommend it for topical use in miner wounds and ulcers because it is believed to increase collagen metabolism. Calendula is also known to promote anti-hemorrhage, antispasmodic, astringent, fungicidal qualities. Calendula is useful for cuts, burns, eczema, oily/greasy skin, bruises, inflammations, insect bites, rashes, wounds, cracked and dry skin, varicose veins, stretch marks, diaper rash, and may also boost your immune system. Calendula has shown in laboratory tests to induce granulation, which is an integral part of the healing process for wounds.

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100% Pure Beeswax:

Beeswax releases negative ions into your air, which are known to aid in sleep, well-being, and relief from allergies and emit a subtle honey fragrance.

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Our 100% Essential Oils:

Lavender (France)
Eucalyptus (Tunisia)
Green tea (Argentina)
Bitter Almond (Brazil)

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Fragrance oils:
Country Girl ( VS. PINK from Victoria Secret)# 1 Scent choice of the year. This a is fruity fragrance with an undertone of floral. You get a sense of apples and peaches, but can also sense a melon. The floral base makes this fragrance light and happy while retaining a sophisticated aura.

Country Clean Fresh scent of sundry linen .A floral spruce blend with hints of citrus peels and red berries on a dry down of musk, this fragrance will hold up wonderfully through your entire list of products, from soaps, lotions, bath goodies, linen sprays, laundry soaps and more

DEEP CREEK;The woody, green background is tinged with the freshness of pine, lavender and thyme, and the lovely softness of jasmine to create a wonderful fragrance you'll use time and time again.

Country Angel: ( Victoria Secret Type for " very sexy")

A spice citrus blend of light Bergamot & Jasmin, combined with exotic notes of cedar wood, Sandawood & warm musk. It has a top notes of tangerine, pink lime and Bergamot leaves.

The Heart mixes Limewood, Cinnamon Bark and Sage. Vetiver Orange flower comprise the dry-down.

COUNTRY LOVE: ( VICTORIA SECRET type FOR "love spell")A sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange enhanced by luscious hints of peach and berries with an undertone of musk. Many of those who try this fragrance say that this rendition is better than the original.

COUNTRY BREEZE ( Victoria secret _ Breathless)


Honey Vanilla African vanilla beans sweetened by a touch of sandalwood and coconut on a subtle background of white flowers.

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Goat's Milk:

Goats milk contains over fifty nutrients, including the vital vitamins C, B1, B6, B12 and E, Minerals, Citric acid, amino acid, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of other nutrients that nourish and revitalize dehydrated skin.

Vitamins slow down the affects of aging, and prevent brown spots and thickening of the skin. Zinc contributes to reconstruction of collagen fibers, encouraging moisture retention and assisting in maintaining your skin's elasticity.

Our Products: All of our products contain no artificial colors and appear as they do because of thier ingredients.

Please note that these products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease.

MANGO BUTTER ( mangifera indica):

A Exquisite Butter imported from India and its made from the seeds of a Mango tree. This is rarely a primary ingredient, we use it for the benefit of carry in the oils deep into the skin.

Almond oil:

This oil is well known for skin lover. Its skin protecting and condiction.

Citric acid:

Natural preservative and balances the PH

Emulsifying wax nf:

This is a vegetable based product that binds the Goatsmilk with the other ingredients bringing to a smoooth emulsion.

Grapefruit seed extract: Natural preservative.


Preservative needed for the goatsmilk nutrients. Very small amout since we use other natural sources. Only 1% for the total finihed weight.

New ingredients added:

Vitamine E and C, Calendula flower extract, chamomile flower extract, cetyl alcohol ( from vegetable source) & Lecithin ( from soy).

Note: These products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease.

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