Before you read about specific products,please take a moment to find out about our Goat's milk and EMU oil and why we choose these animal products as ingredients.SEE Emu oil Page for full description.

All of our products contain no artificial colors and appear as they do because of their ingredients.

We make all of our products from the freshest ingredients and all of our products have been made within seven days of shipment.

Our products are guaranteed to make a difference in how your skin feels. Your skin will be softer and smoother almost immediately. We are so sure of this that we offer a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product (all shipping excluded).

1.oz Moisturizer Goat's milk & Emu oil Face Cream: .  (wholesale AVAILABLE)

This is a light moisturizer that will deeply nourish your skin. Apply twice a day for best results.

$12.00 each

Note: Due to EMU oil is a carrier oil, so make sure your face is clean before applying this product.

0.5 oz Intensive Eye Treatment:   (wholesale AVAILABLE)

$10.00 each

Our Goats milk & EMU Oil Intensive Eye Treatment was carefully designed to nourish the area around your eyes with a selection of natural ingredients that penetrate your skin to make it firm and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Did you know that commercially manufactured eye creams contain petroleum (a by-product used to make gasoline) alcohol, synthetics and strong preservatives? Some of the most expensive ones are not all that good. They are mineral oils with animal-based binders. Creams that are widely advertised as being the most moisturizing can still be irritating, drying to your skin and may even cause allergic reactions. These creams are made with cheap ingredients such as petroleum oils, and are mass-produced with added preservatives.

Commercial manufacturers also remove the beneficial and moisturizing natural glycerin from their creams to put into their more expensive (and not necessarily better) skincare products. These products are more drying and less beneficial than a real cream made from natural products. Our natural, handmade cream is carefully crafted in small batches with food quality oils, exotic nut butters, and Fresh Goats milk. No water added.

Note: Due to EMU oil is a carrier oil, so make sure your face is clean before applying this product.

8.oz Moisturizer Goat's Milk & Emu oil Body lotion:   (wholesale AVAILABLE)

$14.00 each

This moisturizer is a fabulous treat for your skin . The Emu oil as main ingredient carries the other finest ingredients to the deepest layer of skin for a wonderful treatment.

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8.oz Natural Emu Oil Shampoo :  (wholesale AVAILABLE)


This shampoo is a excellent cleanser. It is very mild, PH balanced and will clean your hair to leave it   soft, healthy, and shiny.