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Pure EMU Oil: Our emu oil comes from our farm's emus and has been proven to be a great ingredient for beauty products. Here's why:

Emu Oil...

is rich in emollients, helps skin to retain moisture (this makes it a great carrier for other ingredients, allowing other vitamins and nutrients to penetrate the skin)
is non-irritating and hypo-allergenic (the chance of an allergic reaction is very rare)
is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores)
helps restore skin cells (skin cells appear to be stimulated by EMU oil)
is rich in fatty acids (this is good for your skin!)
emulsifies easily with other ingredients
Emu oil is a native of the Land Down Under and has played a role in the Australian people for many generations.The history of the Aboriqines indicates their use of Emu oil for hundred of years with documented accounts from tribal medicine.

Many men showing how native people of  Australia have used the Emu oil in treating aching joints, skin ailments,open wounds and burns.it is know that their methods of treatment included hanging an Emu skin on a tree to collect the oil, and wrapping sufflerers in a fresh killed skin.

Emu oil is a powerful moisturizer because  of its penetrating power and its ability to offer nutrition for the skin while still allowing skin to breath.Very rich in fatty acid, Emu oil  is able to penetrate to the third layer of skin in a roughly 90 seconds. Our body's needs for fats is a essential need.Whenever essential fatty cells are missing, more rigid saturated and monosaturated fats must be used in their place. These rigidity impairs all our cells, which must be flexible to work best. Emu oil used topically can provide the necessary fats that are required to ajust cellular function, for smoother skin, and all kind wellness.

EMU oil is derived from USDA inspected raw products.A tight system of control is maitain over the entire operation from refining of raw ingredients thoughout all phases of production, to the finished product.

Our EMU OIL is redered and futher refined using the strictest protocol far exceeding guidlines outlined by American EMU Association.' oil standards team. All refining processes are completed without disturbing the natural beneficial properties of the raw oil. This is accomplished by a uniquely designed and engineered redering and refining process which maintains a low degree of temperature and warms the oil by a steam process.

The EMU OIL is futher refined and filtered through several types of filters, down to less than one micron before it is finally sterilized by UV sterilization. Our EMU OIL is then professionally prepared for futher future manufacturing and stored at perfectly controlled temperature and humidity condictions necessary to preserve the highest quality of the oil.

How to use:

Massage a few drops into the desired area. Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy felling when properly applied. For best results apply several times a day initially, then as needed. Moisturize with one or two daily applications.

Certificate of Analysis is available upon request!

Note: These products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease

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