About Us
My name is Patricia Cabrera and I am originally from Brazil. Raised on a farm in a third world country, I learned how to make a lot of things from scratch while utilizing readily available natural resources.

I have seven children and my husband and I raise them on a farm in North Carolina. Here grow our own garden and enjoy raising chickens, cows and goats. We especially enjoy the goats because we are able to do so much with their milk, creating shampoo, soap, lotion, face cream, eye cream and cheese (great cheese)!

We believe that fresh and natural ingredients will not necessarily make you live longer (that's God’s job), but will make you live a better and healthier life.

7kidsFarm was founded by Patricia Cabrera in 2002 and is located in Peachland, NC.

Special Thanks:

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for allowing so much joy in my life.
My wonderful and supported husband Mark (for trying first hand at every new product).
All my seven children: Sthefanie, Kathyrine, Kevin, Gabriela, Joshua, Rebecca, & Baby Benjamin for patience and hard work on the farm and especially on the garden.
My daughter, Sthefanie, for her beautiful production of the products.
My daughter Kathyrine for all the country photographs.
Thank you to Alicia Soret and Lori Todd for the incredible help on this site.
And last but not least, my friends and family who happily tried all the products and loved it!